Hamggle Dog Bone Toy
Hamggle Dog Bone Toy
Hamggle Dog Bone Toy

Hamggle Dog Bone Toy

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 - FUN & PLAYFUL FETCH BONE TOY- Our award-winning chew bone is built for adventurous, energetic dogs who need a good game of fetch. You dog will "Fetch n Chew" their way to being fit and strong while you'll enjoy more interactive play and bonding with your pup.

 - REDIRECT AND RETRAIN BAD BEHAVIOR - Have a hyper pet whose destroying your house? The super strong fetch bone toy gives your dog an outlet to burn off some of that energy. Our dog training toys teach your dog that this is "their" fetch bone - chew toy, and to leave Dad's shoes alone.

 - ENGINEERED STRONG & HEAVY DUTY DESIGN - Industrial strength rubber core is chew, tear, rip, & cut resistant yet won't harm your dog’s teeth. Products are built and designed to be chewable, long lasting and as durable as possible. However, you know your dog’s toy history and chewing habits best. This toy is strong, but NOT indestructible.

 - IDEAL COLOR TO MAXIMIZE VISIBILITY FOR DOGS - Contrary to popular opinion, dogs aren't "completely" color blind, they see Blue, Yellow & Grey. We chose the "perfect blue" in the color spectrum for maximum high contrast for optimal dog visibility in common background environments, grass, sand, carpets. Grass appears yellow-grey to dogs making our "perfect blue" toys stand out.

 - SAFE MATERIALS & LIFETIME GUARANTEE - Made of 100% safe and non-toxic, high-density, all-natural, pure solid rubber, and tested against irritation and allergy. This tough dog tug toy cleans easily with soap and water. We stand behind the durability of our products with the world's best customer service.



Material: vinyl

Size: 6.3 in

Launch day:2022/06/08